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As a mama and a Labor & Delivery nurse, I've been around the labor block a time or two. I understand how overwhelming it can be to be approaching your due date and feel like you are comletley unprepared for what you are about to go through. Between understanding what to expect in labor and asking all the right questions, labor is something that you shouldn't do blindfolded. You want to be as prepared as possible when approaching this incredible (and incredibly difficult) day. With this Labor & Delivery Workbook, you'll be able to plan and prepare for childbirth complete important to-do lists, and document all of the special memories. I wouldn't labor without it!

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There are probably a million things going through your head in the months before labor. Where will you deliver? Who will deliver you? Who will support you? What kind of labor do you want? How are you going to figure everything out in such a short time? Will you ever be prepared?

I know you want to have the best labor and birth possible. We all want a labor and birth to remember. I can help you achieve that. 


Because I understand how your feeling and I've been there more times than I can count . After working with hundreds of new mothers labor and birth their new babies, I have perfected the checklists, figured out what the right questions are to ask, and seen all of the special memories that mother's cherish and treasure in these once in a lifetime moments.

Don't wait another minute to get organized and start making labor and birth one to remember. 

What is Every Mom's Labor & Birth Workbook?

This Labor & Birth Workbook is the best resource for moms-to-be looking to prepare for and document their labor and birth. 

Every Mom's Labor & Birth Workbook is a guide that will help you stay organized during this life-changing time. It is full of worksheets and pages that you will be able to print, complete, and keep forever to look back on over the years. It will help you remember and cherish every moment while also reminding you to get done what you would otherwise be scrambling to complete before the baby comes home. 

Who is this Labor & Birth Workbook for?

This beautiful and easy-to-use labor workbook is for every expectant mama-to-be that wants to stay organized and document their labor and birth in a way that will be cherished forever. 

If you like to plan, organize, and stay on top of tasks with To-Do Lists, Checklists, and notes galore...then this labor & birth workbook is perfect for you!



Questions to get answered

The reason why I made this workbook is to make sure new moms could be prepared. In order to do that, new moms need to ask all of the right questions and make sure they get answered. I have come up with questions that you want answered for everyone including your provider, your pediatrician, your babysitter, and more.  

To-Do Lists

If you are anything like me, To-Do lists are a must for every situation! I have provided you with a To-Do list for the final stages of your pregnancy to prepare for labo rand birth. Make sure that you get everything done on time by keeping track of each important check-box. With this workbook, you will be receiveing a total of 3 separate To-Do lists to complete at the end of your pregnancy before your due date. 

 Journal Entries

With this journal you'll recive journal pages for moments such as your delivery day and taking baby home. Here you will be able to document photos and details that you don't want to forget. 

Labor trackers

You've probably wondered how your labor will start, how long it will last, and what it will be like. There is no way to predict how labor will turn out, but you can document it so that you can tell your labor story forever. 


The most memorable moments in a mother's life are the first ones with her new babies. The details of these moments should be cherished and held close to your heart. In order to do that, you need to be able to document them in the first place. 

Important notes

Separate from the journal itself, I have included a note pages that are important to jot down your thoughts and feelings in specific times during your early and active labor, or as you wait for labor to start. Print as many pages as you want!  


I've included my clickable checklists seaparte from the pregnancy journal itself. You will get 14 total pages of checklists that include the "Baby Registry Checklist", the "Hospital Bag Checklist", the "Birth Plan Preparation Checklists" the "Postpartum Recovery Checklist" . All of these lists are clickable so that when you open the PDF you can immediately click on any product that I recommend and be taken directly to the porduct that I am recommending. 


This is hardly the beginning! There really are so many more fun and important features in the Every Mom's Essential Labor and Birth Workbook that you are going to love and appreciate when you are expecting a new baby. 

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Why is this important?

Labor is hard

You're going to do this once, a couple of times, maybe a handful of times in your entire life. It's not easy by any stretch of the imagination. It's hard work mentally and physically to prepar to have a baby. Take the advice that you need from a Labor & Delivery nurse who gets to do this with women every day. 

You need advice from a someone who knows what their talking about

Every new mom has a different experience when it comes to labor and birth. You need advice from someone who has unbiased information that you can acutally use to get the expierence that you deserve in labor and delivery. 

Getting prepared is everything

Labor, birth, and new motherhood can be intimidating - especially if you are unprepared. In my experience, preparedness eliminates fear. The less fear you have, the more ready you feel. The more ready you feel, the more confident you are. Confidence will give you the labor and birth that you deserve. 


What Exactly Am I Getting?

Every Mom's Labor & Delivery Workbook is a downloadable PDF that will be sent directly to your email once purchased. You will be able to print and re-print any and all pages of the journal as you need them. 

A printable workbook is the best option when it comes to pregnancy and birth because you can take pages with you to appointments, re-print pages that you've made mistakes on, print mulitples of pages that you need duplicates of, and never compromise the look of your journal by removing or adding pages where you need them. 

In This Labor & Birth Workbook you will recieve:

  • 100+ pages of high quality content written by a labor and delivery nurse and mother. 
  • 3 detailed To-Do lists for the last stage of your pregnancy
  • Important Contacts
  • Questions for your provider to take with you to your final appointments
  • Deciding where to deliver - how to decide what is best for you
  • Hospital Tour - What you need to know about the hospital you will deliver at
  • Finding a pediatrician help
  • Stock up on essentials before the baby comes
  • Conversation with the sitter to make arrangements for older children and pets
  • Managing Visitors in the hospital to keep you sane
  • The Game Plan for when you are in labor
  • My Wishes - what you hope for and what is important to you
  • The Labor Journal to journal the moments in labor that you would otherwise forget
  • Contraction Tracker to time your contractions and keep track of labor
  • Labor Stats- the information about your labor that you need to know when communicating with your team
  • How Dad Can Help - ways that dad can help you during your labor and birth
  • Letters to baby to communicate your thoughts and feelings to your unborn baby as you wait for his/her arrival or after your first meeting
  • My Childbirth - details about your labor and delivery
  • Delivery Day - all about this special day
  • All About Baby - all the adorable details about your new little bundle of joy
  • About the name- details about naming your baby
  • The Birth Announcement - how you will let the world know
  • Your Birth Story in your own words
  • All About Dad and how he's feeling
  • Going Home Worksheet
  • Warning Signs & Symptoms 
  • Note pages to write everything down when you feel like pregnancy brain is making you forget everything!
  • Baby Registry Checklists for everything you'll need for a new baby
  • Hospital Bag Checklists by a Labor & Delivery nurse that includes everything you'll need and want (and nothing you don't) when you deliver in a hospital
  • Postpartum Recovery Checklist with everything you'll need to survive the postpartum period without having to send your husband out for a last minute emergency target run
  • ...And More! Don't miss out!
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Is the Every Mom's Labor & Birth Workbok for me?

If you are pregnant and plan to give birth at some point, then this Labor & birth workbok is for you! You will be able to get prepared, organize your thoughts, make sure all of your pre-baby tasks are done, and make sure you are as ready as possible before your baby comes. You're going to love it!

What if I'm having a planned C-section? Is this planner still worth it?

YES! No matter what type of birth you plan to have, whether you are going completely naturally, plan to have an epidrual, are being induced, or are having a planned Cesarian Section, this Labor and Birth Workbook still applies. No matter what kind of birth you have, it is still CHILDBIRTH! You are still having a baby! Almost every page of the workbook will still apply to you at some point or another in your thrid trimester, waiting for baby, or in the hospital. 

This isn't my first baby. Will I still find this workbook useful?

Absolutely! I created this workbook while pregnant with my second child, in fact. Even being a labor & delivery nurse, I still would have changed a few things about my first labor and birth if I had the chance. We all learn something new with each labor and delivery that we go through. I've learned a lot from my expereince as a nurse and my experience as a mother. Because of that, every mom will benefit from this workbook whether they are pregnant with their first or fifth baby. 

How is this product dfferent from all of the others all over the internet?

This Labor & Birth Workbook is the only one like it. There is no other labor & birth workbook that can even compare. There are work pages, journal pages, education pages, and advice from a labor nurse that you can't get anywhere else. 

Will this workbook help me manage my labor? 

This workbook is not a labor & birth course. it will not go over techniques or methods for managing pain or what to expect in labor & birth. Instead, there are a number of pages that offer advice and helpful information related to each of the workpages. This workbook does not replace education about labor and birth. Instead, this workbook will help you manage your labor and birth by organiznig yourself, helping you figure out what you need to know, what questions you need answers, and what decidsions need to be made before laboor starts. 

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What Are You Waiting For?

The Labor & Birth Workbook is the best way to prepare for your labor. 

Every Mom's Labor & Birth Workbook is right for you if: 

  • You want a comprehensive product that will give you everything you need to have a stress-free and organized birth experience
  • You hope to remember this pregnancy, labor, and birth for the rest of your life
  • You want a place to document your thoughts and feelings, your precious memories, and all of those priceless birth details
  • You like having To-Do lists and Checklists to keep your organized and ready for anything
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I’m Heather

I am a wife, a mama, and a Labor and Delivery Nurse. My calling is to help other moms with their every day labors that women go through from pregnancy and delivery, to the newborn stage and mom life. I want to help you find your way through new motherhood because I know how tough it can be. As mothers, our labors don't begin and end in the delivery room. Let me guide you through it.  

Over the past 5 years, I have helped hundreds of women become mothers in labor and delivery and continue their journey in motherhood right here at A Life In Labor……..so you are absolutely in the right place! 

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