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Pregnancy Products

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These are a few great items that I recommend using when you're pregnant. The Burt's Bees Belly Butter and oil were life savors for me and the Bump Boxes were always a fun little gift I gave myself every month. 

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Postpartum Essentials

In the postpartum period, you're going to need a lot of TLC. These are some of my favorite products that allowed my posptartum recovery to be as smooth as it could be after having a baby. If you would like to print out a complete checklist of everything you'll need to put in your postpartum recovery kit, go Download and Print The Free Postpartum Recovery Kit Checklist. 

Baby Products

Some of the best purchases I ever made right here! I swear some of these products saved my life! Things like the white noise machine, a great swaddle, and a bottle warmer that actually does it's job are MUST HAVES when it comes to having a baby. I hope you enjoy some of these items just like I did. If you would like to have a printable checklist with everything you need for a new baby, Download and Print The Free Ultimate Baby Registry Checklist. 

Breastfeeding Essentials

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The truth is, breastfeeding can be hard. Although it's the most natural way to feed your baby, it doesn't always come so naturally to all new moms! It can be tough to figure out what works and what doesn't. I recommend using all te convenient products that you can get your hands on when you're breastfeeding a baby. It's complicated enough on it's own. If you can find something that makes it just a little bit easier, then it's worth your time! These are some of the breastfeeding essentials that I recommend. If I hadn't found the Haakaa pump, I don't know what I would have done! It's my favorite thing on the list!

Toddler Stuff

Toddlers are little sponges. Everything they do is to learn and grow. These are some of my favorite toddler items that have helped my son sleep, play, or learn over the years. (with a few things that are just cute thrown in there too 😉)


These are just some fun home products that I love and thought I would share with you. None of them are essential or life-saving. These are just what makes my house a home. Especially the "Love Grows Here" growth chart that I have hung in my kitchen to mark on as my kids grow. 

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