non-toy gift ideas for toddlers

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  1. Heather Nicole Gilbert says:

    What an extensive list and great so you don’t have a lot of toy clutter!

  2. I love these ideas! We’ve done quite a few of them and the toddler chair, personalized robe/towel, handmade monogrammed step stool are a few of our favorites! Saving this for future reference!

  3. Calista Atkins says:

    I loved this list! I’m totally in your boat and definitely do not need anymore toys for my daughter! I really loved the subscription box idea and all of the craft ideas. I really love your blog!

  4. I love the idea of the pajama tradition. Will definitely start that one this year. Family pajamas sounds adorable! Great list as always, Heather. Love your blog.

  5. I love vacation and travel with kids. Nothing beats the experience or adventures you can share with your children. These lists are so timing. I’m actually looking for some gift ideas this Christmas. Thanks for sharing.

  6. What a great list and so relevant to me right now not only with my own toddler but several of his toddler friends to consider this Christmas!

  7. This is a great list, Heather! We need to steer clear of a lot of toys this year as well. Thank you for the toddler gift ideas!

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