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  1. This list, along with the rest of your posts, have been a saving grace throughout my pregnancy! I am loving all of the things you’ve recommended, as well as the checklists you’ve made. I can’t thank you enough for helping ease my new mommy worries!

    1. Thank you Sam! That feels so good to hear because that is the whole purpose of my blog! I’m thrilled that you find it useful!

  2. You posted a link to this in comments on the What to Expect App and I feel like I have finally found someone who thinks like me through this pregnancy. Every step I take I come up with a million more questions. Thank you for doing your research and questioning things the way I do. You are the first blog I’ve read that has put me at ease with this whole process.

    1. Meg, I’m so glad you came and checked it out! Congratulations on your pregnancy. I understand having a million questions. I did too at first. I’m sure with this checklist you will be prepared as possible. Good luck!

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