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  1. I have a question if you don’t mind… how did you make the switch to keeping your baby awake AFTER feeding?? My son (also Logan) is used to be fed till he falls asleep. What do you recommend or what did you do to make that transition?

    Thank you for your article it made it easy (pun intended) to u derstand exactly how the system works!

    1. Hey Randie! Of course I don’t mind! That’s what I’m here for. How sweet that both of our boys are Logan. How old is he because it will make a huge difference. The earlier you do it the better. I suggest starting first thing in the morning when he wakes up for the day. Feed him at wake up time so that he’s nice and full for his awake/play time. The important thing is to make sure you start putting him down for his first nap early enough where he is not goin to be over tired and it is not yet time for another feeding. This way, when he wakes up from his nap he will be hungry to eat again and the cycle will continue throughout the day. Good luck!

  2. Put him down to sleep but he will cry! He is not just gonna fall asleep like a miracle.. for how long do you let him cry for? Do you pick him up after crying or it just becomes a let him cry it out method at the end?

    1. Jessica, I’m so glad you asked! No, it doesn’t turn into a cry it out method. I’m not saying it will be instantly easy, but over time this routine will become the norm for him. What I would do is make sure you are following a really good routine every single time you are putting him to sleep. This includes naps. No need to make nursing part of that routine but make sure that he isn’t hungry at sleep time. Include anything you want in this routine, including rocking to sleep at first! Once he is very drowsy or asleep, put him down. If these means that his nap is a very short 20 minute nap at first, then that’s a success! As he gets used to sleeping on his own, he will sleep longer. Now, how long would I let him cry for? Maybe five minutes? I wouldn’t jump at every fuss because often time babies to wrestle in their sleep and may sound like they are awake but they go back to sleep. So, yes, I might let him fuss for a short time. But cry it out has never been my method personally. Feel free to email me if you need more info!

  3. Hi!
    My baby is 6 weeks, for his naps should I be having the white noise and making the room dark for him to sleep? Also should I just put him down after like an hour or an hour and a half since that should be his wake time? How long is too long to keep him up?

    I really need to implement a schedule!

    1. Hey mama! In my opinion as a mom of two, I think that you should definitely use white noise and a dark room for sleep for your six week old. Do what feels right for you, but that is what works for us. And yes, getting baby on some kind of flexible routine works wonders for us! Keep track of those wake times! Try to put baby down after an hour to an hour and a half.

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