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  1. Great advice, your little one is adorable! Oh the things we just never expect and can’t quite prepare for!

    1. Thank you, Jen! Yes, the newborn stage is something that shocks every mother!

  2. I have two kids and the newborn stage was difficult and beautiful all at the same time. This is a great post for new moms because they can feel so alone during the newborn stage.

    1. Totally. Even though you have the constant company of your new baby, sometimes it feels isolating. It’s best to know what you’re in for!

  3. It is so true that you’ll need help. I think sometimes new moms feel bad about needing help but it’s really is both normal and healthy! I love the title of this article too!

    1. Yes! There is no need to be ashamed of needing help! Thank you ?

  4. Very good advice! That first baby does come with a lot of surprises! When I had my first baby, we didn’t have any close friends or relatives nearby, so the only person I could ask for help or advice was my husband. This was way before the internet, so it was a pretty lonely time in some ways. By the time I had my 5th baby, I felt pretty confident with all the newborn stuff. Still, he managed to surprise us with a trip to the ER because he had some breathing issues. (Luckily, he was okay.)

    1. It’s so hard to have little support when you are a brand new mom! I’m sorry you had to struggle so much. But now that you’ve had five babies, you are the pro!

    1. Well, then I’m excited for you too! It really is a special time.

  5. I wish I read this when I had my first baby!! haha And yes, it’s true about leaking especially when baby cries or even when I wake up, my shirt is soaking wet!!! haha

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