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  1. I gave my son birth in German hospital. Before that I had got many information from my midwife. There are so many must-does in Germany that I would not make any mistake. However your post is still much in detail. Nice to learn more and thanks.

  2. Wow! This is actually really helpful. I do not have any kids and I’m also not pregnant but this gave me a lot to think about in the event I do ever become pregnant.

  3. Great info! And so true… The hospital provides so much, I just bring comfy clothes ha ha and things to help in labor.

  4. I love your delivery bag checklist. Its equipped with all of the necessary essentials.

  5. Great advice! We packed so much stuff our first time around, 2nd time around we did way better! Great list and advice for first time Mothers.

    1. Thank you Brigitte! That seems to be a trend. The second time around, you’re a pro!

  6. Very informative and funny! I agree to most … It’s all a sleep deprived 2 days usually that you are there and you are exhausted / uncomfortable and in pain… But the hospitals really do provide you with most things. I will shareyour site with a friend on her way to hospital soon!

    1. Thank you sue! I’m glad you found it informative! I hope your friend finds it useful. Wish her luck for me. =]

  7. These are always so handy. I don’t agree with some of the “do not take” but it might be because of different hospital experiences. And you’re totally right, no more than two bags! And ideally just one (but probably not realistic… Ahaha).

    1. Yes! One bag is even better for sure! But I guess since your husband needs stuff too, two bags is realistic. The problem lies in the size of the bags! ?

  8. My son is 16 – I don’t remember what I had in my hospital bag LOL. This is a useful article! Thanks!

  9. Megan Mitchell says:

    About to have baby #3 in the next couple weeks and I whole-heartedly agree with your “do not bring” list. My hospital provides everything for the baby even clothes and blankets and everything for mom even mesh undies and witch hazel pads. I will say my go to hospital outfit has been black cotton pajama pants (these fit slightly looser than your typical legging. Plus they’re cotton. And dark fabrics are your friend) and nursing tank tops. Then when I head home I just throw a longer flowy top over that and it hides the “panty line” and the nursing tank. All my babies have been born in the spring though so I can’t speak to winter wear.

    Good post!

    1. Congratulations on baby number 3! It is surprising what the hospital actually provides for you, isn’t it? I think your go-to hospital outfit is genius! Sounds perfectly comfortable and functional, which is so important. Thanks Megan!

  10. I was not given prenatal vitamins, nipple cream, burp clothes, or newborn diapers when I had my daughter nearly 4 months ago.

    I even requested the newborn diapers and burp clothes and they said they only provide size 1 diapers and blankets, so I had to use blankets to wipe my baby’s mouth.

    1. So strange, Katie! Every hospital that I’ve ever worked at provides size Newborn and Size 1 diapers! Nipple cream is usually considered a medication that needs to be requested before they provide it. Prenatal vitamins are definitely given at most (if not all) hospitals! They won’t give you a bottle of them to take home but just like Tylenol, Motrin, Nipple cream, hemorrhoid cream, or any other medication, it will be given to you as prescribed by your doc! If they don’t offer it up to you, just ask!

      1. Our hospital only gives out a small amount of diapers and pads and two pairs of mesh undies. They also said to bring a lot of the things that you mention we don’t need.

        I’m in Canada, so our healthcare is covered, which I guess also means budgeting what they give you. The nurse at our tour said they aren’t supposed to give you anything more than what they supply you with at the beginning.

        1. Oh, yeah it might be different in Canada! I’m in the US. In all hospitals I have been to or worked at they give you as many pads, diapers, wipes, etc that you need during your stay! I can’t imagine that if you ran out of diapers they would refuse to give you more. How crazy would that be, right!? Imagine, sending family out to buy diapers so that you don’t make a mess all over the place since they won’t give you more ? I hope that’s not the case!

      2. When my 2nd was born at 10lbs 10oz all they had were nb diapers and she barely fit in them.. the hospital did not have size 1 at all. I also was not provided a prenatal, not that I was thinking about it at the time.

  11. MamaBernie says:

    Actually I brought my pregnancy support pillow with me when I had my first son and it was so helpful! Even the nurses mentioned what a good idea it was to have during my long labor. It helped so I could be on my side comfortably while the epidural and catheter did their jobs. I know everyone’s different, but it was worth it to me to have the extra comfort. This time around, I plan on bringing my Boppy (a suggestion I’ve seen on many planned C-Section checklists), but I may save the new covers for the pillow until I get home.

  12. Soon to be second time mom here (at the end of the month) and I absolutely LOVE this post and your blog!!!! was scrolling through pinterest for refreshers and your post is beyond refreshing! Thank you for taking the time to write and share your expertise! Simply the best.

    1. This is a great list for a chronic over-packer like myself!!! Thank you!!!

        1. Im in Canada, with my 1st they gave me everything minus stool softener and my medications, with my 2nd they gave me nothing but a peri bottle and pads…. they didn’t even clean up after delivery, I was so glad I brought a 2nd sleeper and a few diapers and wipes just in case! This time around I am bringing enough for 48 hrs and if we are there longer, my hubby can pick up more from home
          I also bring my own medications because I can’t miss a day of them and they never seem to figure that out, so I tell them exactly what I have and when, they don’t tend to argue.

  13. This is a fantastic post! I’m a soon to be second time mom myself I’m also a pediatrician who rounds on newborns. I will add that one of the smaller units where I work is very stingy with their breast pumps. We use them in the hospital after baby is born if we are having trouble with latch, watching glucoses or wet diapers or jaundice ect.. I do think most hospitals are better about this but I would ask if it’s available if desired on a hospital tour if possible.

    1. Oohh. Good tips! If you anticipate needing a to pump while in the hospital, you might want to look into this!

    2. So true! My city is quiet small and they don’t give out pumps or formula if they don’t have to. I have a few premade Enfamil bottles in my bag incase they don’t want to give them to me and try to argue with me for the 3rd time to bresstfeed. Many medical professionals are fabulous but it just takes 1 to make your stay a nightmare.

  14. Thank you so much for your advice. It’s my 1st baby and I feel a little lost with what to bring… and is giving me some stress + COVID 19.

    1. You are very welcome, Stefania. I understand the stress of COVID 19. It’s a time full of uncertainty. The good news is that there isn’t much change in what you should pack for the hospital. Bring all of the same stuff that you would bring even if there wasn’t a pandemic to worry about. The difference might be that you have less visitors and you might be staying at the hospital for a shorter period of time after birth. You’ve got this girl. Stay strong and be confident in the decisions that you make! Let me know if I can help in any way.

      1. As a momma delivering during COVID, I will probably be breaking a lot of these rules. I’ve been told by my doctor that no visitors are allowed (other than my husband). She warned me that if he leaves my room he may not be allowed back in and he definitely will not be allowed back into the host if he leaves the premises to get food or other items (no visitors so nobody can bring anything in for us). Plus no on site tours to see what might be in our rooms. I figure there is enough uncertainty delivering in this weird situation that I’d rather err on the side of looking like I’m moving in and have the nurses make fun of my 3 bags than risk not bringing something.

        1. Luckily, none of these are rules. Just suggestions. It’s very true that during this pandemic, hospital rules and regulations have changed a lot. On the unit that I work on, we are only allowing one visitor for the entirety of the hospital stay and that visitor cannot come and go. So, in this situation (until the COVID-19 regulations are lifted) we are recommending the support person to bring the bags (still the same amount of stuff, honestly) up to labor and delivery the first time he comes up. We also recommend that he brings food since he won’t be able to leave the unit. Other than that, it’s all the same! Do whatever makes you comfortable. It’s all about you at this point. My goal is to always give recommendations and suggestions that help you make decisions for yourself that you won’t regret. Whatever that means for you, go for it!

  15. Not all medical centers in the us are this resource rich. There are still rural parts of the country that will not hand out nipple cream and mesh undies on demand. Some places have one or two breast pumps per floor so women take turns. Its great that you clearly work in a big thriving hospital but some country clinics where women give birth are not this equipped.

  16. Linda Gonzalez says:

    WOW. This is amazing advice! I’ve been reading other posts and I’m thinking “do I really need to take all of that because I’m sure the hospital provides that..?” This info was REASSURING and so HELPFUL in my confidence that I don’t need to be overly prepared to enjoy my newborn and hospital stay. Thank you!

    1. I am so glad that you enjoyed it! Yeah, over-packing is the worst. Just contact your hospital to make sure that they provide the things that I’ve listed because every hospital is different. But for the most part, this is what is common! Good luck!

  17. I agree on most of this but I’d bring my nursing pillow it sucked without it and wished I brought the first time. The hospital pillows aren’t great no matter how many you have.

  18. Can tell you are from the US 😂
    Nearly everything on this list you have to take yourself in the UK. If you need a towel, it’s a small one that only just goes around you wide enough to cover your torso.
    If you need pads they only provide small ones (in my opinion ones that are for lighter flows)
    They will not provide baby milk unless you were adamant to breast feed and can’t.
    The pillows and blankets in UK hospitals are quite nice though.
    You’re advised to take your own medication but as I wasn’t on any I don’t know if you use if or if they provide extra.
    Agree with the bags,I used 1 *carry on* sized suit case. 😀

    1. Isn’t it crazy how it can be so different in different parts of the world? Thanks for the insight!

  19. Yes, the hospital provides you with all the medications y oh will need after birth but, they will also charge you ridiculous amounts for it. I remember looking at my bill and seeing a charge fir $10 for a dose of Tylenol, $7 for an iron pill, $7 for stool softener. Bringing your own meds may be frowned upon but, I say do it. Refuse the hospitals and take your own.

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