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  1. I love so many of these! With a last name like Smith I def used unique boy names for my 3!

    1. Oh, yeah! I bet unique names are the only way to go with such a common last name! Have any favorites?

    2. Anonymous says:

      My boys are Quintin, Beeker and Rennick. We went for unique also!

  2. I’m six months and trying so desperately to pick a name! I’m torn between quite a few but Grayson, Silas and Kade are definitely some of my top picks! I just love them so much. My first is Jaxson so I really like Grayson/Greyson because they both end in ‘son’ and would son cute together 🙂 they’re going to be two years and 10 months apart; exactly, if my body holds out until my scheduled c-section on November 8th, I had Jax on January 8th.

    1. Oh how cute! My two boys are also two years and 10 months apart! Those names are all such good options! Let me know what you end up choosing! ?

  3. I am leaning towards Harrison real hard, I don’t hear it very often.

  4. Missy O'Connor says:

    I have a Shane Wesley & a Silas Jack. Our last will be either Salem Reese or Sabine Loretta-Jean

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