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  1. I named my daughter Cora, and it is so perfectly fitting for her. I absolutely love it. 🙂 Good suggestions.

  2. We used Grace and Rose as my girls’ middle names! Love that so many of these names are making a comeback!

  3. I love all the vintage names like Evelyn, Olive and Winnie these are adorable and kids can grown into them too.

  4. I love so many of these names! Going to share your list with my kids, maybe one of my future grandchildren will rock one of these “vintage” names.

  5. Aw I don’t have a little girl, just boys so far but I love the names Emma, Hazel and Evelyn, they are on my someday list!

  6. Elena Toma says:

    This is such a cute list of names.Adel and Dixie are my favorites!

  7. What a wonderful list of vintage girl names and I love that you included their meanings! I did not name my daughters vintage names (Krisinda, Breianna, and Kayla)

  8. Kayla Jones says:

    I haven’t heard the name Effie in forever but I absolutely love it! What a fun list of unique names!

  9. As someone who’s up for anything vintage, I find some of the names amazing. Great name list.

  10. My mother wanted to name me Josephine. I love that name. All of these are so cool, u just don’t hear them very often anymore

  11. Your blog is so gorgeous! I love the name Matilda, our friends just named their baby girl that.

  12. Love the names Matilda, Iris, Olive and Winnie for future daughter(s). Also considering Polly and Shirley to honor family members ?

  13. Aww I love Gwendolyn- was one of my maybes! I went with Ada which is also a vintage name and worthy of your list ☺️❤️

  14. Dolores should be on this list…it was my grandmother’s name and I just love it!

  15. I named my baby girl Evette! Her middle name is Blake so we call her Evie B

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