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  1. I really enjoyed reading this post. It was encouraging, informative, and gave me some things to think about. I hadn’t considered actually needing to discuss visitors during labor with my husband or my family. I guess I just took it for granted people would assume to know to wait until after delivery, but I’m glad to be thinking about it now.
    I also really appreciate the consideration given to the Dads-to-be in the post. He is very important in playing a role and shouldn’t be put aside. Thank you for making that point.
    I know this is somewhat seperate, but it also causes one to think about being comfortable with the provider they have chosen to deliver the baby. Of course in emergency situations that can’t be helped, but if during prenatal visits you aren’t comfortable with or are not seeing eye to eye with your provider, it might be a good idea to switch before they are the one you have to face/deal with in the delivery room.
    Again, really enjoyed the post and considering this overlooked aspect of labor/the birth plan.

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