what not to do in labor

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  1. Great advice! The only thing I disagree with is not over exerting yourself. That’s what kickstarted my labors!

  2. This is an awesome article, one I wish I seen before my first baby. I’m pretty sure I did everything on this list and it only overwhelmed and wore me out. I will defiantly keep this in mind for my next baby, thank you:)

    1. Thanks, Lindsey! You aren’t alone in that! So many women do all of these things the first time around!

  3. This article is VITAL! An absolute MUST for any new mom! The points that especially rang true with me were the tips about not letting other people control your labor! This happened during labor with my first child, and I wish so badly that I would have been in control more. I also love that you encourage people NOT to apologize! I’ve known so many women that felt their labor wasn’t progressing fast and they felt like they were on the clock for other people! How heartbreaking! Labor should all about the birthing woman’s time, desires and process! NOT the other way around!

    1. You’re welcome, Catherine! Congratulations on your pregnancy!

  4. Hhaha, I could hav e used this about a year ago. I totally did a couple of these things and I’ve learned my lesson for the next go around!

    1. I know what you mean, Simmy! We all know better with our second! 😉

  5. Great tips! I definitely overpacked my first time around. You read so many lists about what to bring and it gets in your head!

  6. My first labor came on quite intensely and it was exhausting. I was a little unprepared with how fast I progressed. It was hard not to panic when they said I couldn’t have the epidural! But they were able to give it to me.

    1. That happens all of the time! I’m glad you got your epidural!

  7. Great tips for expectant moms! I would have loved to take a nap during early labor with my first. Would have helped so much with the long labor ahead. Wasn’t in the cards though! 😉

  8. Donnya Negera says:

    Its crazy I always tell moms to not over do it with the makeup. So not worth it

  9. Well, it has been a lot of years since I’ve been in labor, I’m a grandmother now, but can’t imagine putting on a full face of makeup. I can definitely vouch for the don’t eat too much.

  10. Amber Hurley says:

    These brought back so many memories with me having my two girls. Im so glad I didn’t eat before going into labor lol or overpack!

  11. All really excellent points. Now if people will just do them.

  12. These are great tips even for people going through labor the second time. Putting on makeup is the new thing. Whatever people do to make them feel better I am for.

  13. I labored at home as long as I felt I could. It was the best decision. I had both of my kids within 2 hours of arriving at the birth center.

  14. Not go to google?? But isn’t that where we get all of our answers? LOL! I love all these tips and couldn’t agree with you more after having three kiddos. Definitely don’t eat a large meal. My OB suggested to eat a vanilla milkshake becaue if it came back up (which it did), it would taste much better than anything else. So at 4am I was calling every McDonald’s to see if their milkshake machine was working. LOL!!! They probably thought I was NUTS! But instead, in labor.

  15. Great tips about what not to do in labor. I think the not panicking one is the most important. It’s so easy to panic the first time around because you don’t know what to expect. It’s hard to stay calm.

  16. I think I did apologize a few times for asking for things. I figured out after the first baby that you actually barely need to pack anything at all because you don’t do anything but focus on the baby.

  17. Haha, I totally broke several of these! To be fair, my contractions started at 2 minutes apart and never got any closer together through my 6 hour labor (never knew that could happen!) and because I totally blew past the 311 rule, we got to the hospital too early to be admitted… when the admitted me 20 minutes later it was too late for an epidural! Oy!

    1. Wow that really is a crazy labor if that was your first!!

  18. Great advice! I kind of feel like a rockstar because I followed most of your advice without even knowing it! Except for checking Google…Dr. Google and I were best friends during my pregnancy…totally against my real doctor’s orders. That’s the best piece of advice you gave…ignore Google!

  19. This is such great advice! I can totally attest to each of these!

  20. Lots of great advice here! Not yet a mom so totally bookmarking this for later. Your tip about not having heavy meals or showing up to the hospital too soon is definitely top of mind now thanks to this article.

  21. The nausea I got with each labor because of the pain of the contractions is insane. Definitely agree with not eating a ton.

  22. I was so clueless during my first delivery. Thank goodness I had such great nurses that helped me with everything. Great tips!

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