newborn sleep

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  1. I so could have used this last year, my little one woke up constantly through the night. I now have a strong bed time routine and he sleeps though the night!

  2. I’m a big believer in routine as well! I don’t think my family could function without routine! 🙂 Great ideas for getting a newborn to sleep!

  3. Routine + Senses + Calm Time – yup! That worked for us eventually, but it was hard getting to it. My son was a little night owl so we had work on them all. And of course, you and your spouse need to be on the same wavelength too. If one is ready to watch a loud TV show when you’re trying to get the little one to sleep, it can throw everything off.

  4. What a great, comprehensive guide to a newborn bedtime routine! I definitely agree that putting the baby down when sleepy but not asleep is key.

  5. That’s a pretty solid bed time routine. We’ve never had an early routine for either one of our kids, especially as newborns. And usually they would just pass out after the feed. But it worked for us. We’ve always aspired for a bedtime routine but never had one in place until the baby stopped falling asleep on the breast.

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